"Tips" - Tidsmaskinen app

Latest news: a second version of the app (now called Shuttle) is available for the SOUNDmound's sister installation smound launched in Chester for the 2018 TAG conference. The information below refers to the earlier version of the app only.

Getting the soundmound installed on your phone

  • First the app must be downloaded. The one I use is the 'navigation' app called Tidsmaskinen.
  • Secondly the soundmound installation must be downloaded from the app Tidsmaskinen. The letters - soundmound - must all be in lower case.

Calibrating the compass

  • If you have a magnet in your phone case remove your phone from the case as the magnet may prevent the compass from calibrating.
  • Your phone might need to be swivelled or turned around like a steering wheel 360 degrees.
  • This is a helpful link of you really have difficulty calibrating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86yUpUt8U6s

Getting the most from the SOUNDmound experience

  • Absolutely the best way is to use headphones!
  • If you want to share the experience with someone then use two sets of headphones (wireless ones will give more maneuverability).
  • Switch off ‘vibration’ in the app’s settings since you do not need vibrations to guide you because you choose where to wander inside the fort rather than be navigated by vibrations or an arrow.
  • There is one ‘info-point’ in the SOUNDmound sound-installation. An arrow (as indeed vibrations) can guide you to this point but it is much better to skip over arrow navigation and to do this, click on the map (karta) button usually at the bottom of your screen. The map gives an overview of the SOUNDmound and you will see where the info-point is in relation to the fort.
  • The info-point is located on the beach on the walk up to the ring fort. It acts like a gateway, door or introduction to the SOUNDmound experience.
  • There is a message in the info-point as you walk up to the fort. You can ‘quit’ tour (sound installation) and restart the SOUNDmound (sound installation) anytime if you feel you need to. You can also skip this info-point and go straight to the sound bubbles in the walls of the fort.
  • There are twelve ambient sound bubbles located around the walls of the fort. Walk around the walls – the sounds will mix together depending on where you walk. In the centre there is silence.

Please send feedback to info@soundmound.org if you think you have information that can help to make this experience better.

Om din telefon vibrerar ska du stänga av vibrationen i Tidsmaskinen-appens inställningar (settings). Tryck på kartan i appen för att hoppa över användningen av pilen. Du behöver då även gå ur rundan igen genom kommandot ’quit tour’ och därefter startar du om rundan (ljudinstallationen) igen, och det kan du göra när och var som helst.

Gå innanför murarna. Upplev SOUNDmound.

This is an experimental heritage project funded by the Kamprad family charity. http://experimentelltkulturarv.se/