Thanks to

Those who have collaborated in this project I would like to thank. I would also like to thank the partners of the foundation project known as Experimentellt Kulturarv/Kulturell Tankesmedja on Öland and other groups which have given support in different ways, especially the major sponsor - the Kamprad family charity. Finally I would like to thank family, friends and colleagues whom I won't mention individually for fear of leaving somoeone out.

Sound Collaborators

Abdi-Noor Mohamed and his family

Theatre group “Syrien och solen” and the family of Fateh Alnassan

Kronoberg Archaeological society


Träklang recorder group

Väckelsång adult (church) choir

Hade Edge Band (UK)

Experimental heritage workshop groups

Sandby borg excavation group 2017

Other Supporters

Stuck in the Wood AB

Annika Grünwaldt Svensson and Jörgen Ludwigsson

Familjen Kamprads stiftelse


Kalmar läns museum / Arkeologi

Sandby borg project

Landstinget i Kalmar län

Borgholms kommun

Mörbylånga kommun

Ölands Folkhögskola

YellowBox, Sättre

Hembygdsrörelsen på Öland

Världsarvet Södra Öland

Kalmar Konstmuseum

This is an experimental heritage project funded by the Kamprad family charity.